Allied Honey Products

Allied Natural Products processes its own range of Natural Honey. The company offers a natural sweetener to make sure that you get the best organic Honey at a single platform.

Organic Multi Flower Honey

Allied | Organic Multi Flower Honey

Multi-flower honey is sourced from a variety of flowers and herbs. In colour, it ranges from White to Amber. The honey possesses a mild aroma, pleasant flavour and High Medicinal Value often incorporated in combating allergies. Frequent consumption of Multi-flower Honey also aids in heart, stomach as well as intestinal ailments and therefore, can be consumed by adults and children alike, as a natural alternative to sugars and sweeteners

Eucalyptus Honey

Allied | Eucalyptus Honey

Eucalyptus globulus is the core harvesting source of Eucalyptus Honey. In colour, it ranges from Extra Light to Amber. Eucalyptus honey possesses a strong aroma and flavour with numerous major health benefits namely; fights against infections and diseases of respiratory organs, heals infections and diseases of urinary passages, increases immunity, perfect for muscle & joint pain and effective against cough.

Lychee Honey

Allied | Lychee Honey

Allied Natural product endeavours to deliver products which are high on goodness and nutritional value, so we bring to you Lychee Honey. Lychee Honey is sourced from the blossoms of Lychee flower. In colour, it ranges from White to Light Amber and is a great source of vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein. Lychee Honey is monofloral in type with a delicious taste slightly similar to roses. It is minimally processed to preserve the original flavour of the honey. Lychee Honey is ideal for the ones who want an addition to their buttered toast, light tea, coffee or other beverages while keeping in the health factor intact.

Rapeseed/ Mustard Honey

Allied | Rapeseed/ Mustard Honey

Mustard Honey is also known as Rapeseed Honey. A native of Europe and North America, Mustard is a member of the family Brassicaceae and has bright-yellow flowers. In colour, it ranges from White to Light Amber and is one of the most important spring sources, representing a very pure unifloral honey. Mustard Honey possesses a floral – fresh fruit (fruity) aroma with low sweetness and fine-crystalline texture.

Organic Forest Honey

Allied | Organic Forest Honey

Forest honey is unique, one of a kind and differs from ordinary flower honey. Made from Honey dew, it is generally darker in colour, possesses smoke caramel aroma with a higher content of minerals and has a stronger taste with specific nutritional therapeutic benefits. It remains liquid for a long time and Crystallizes rarely.

Acacia Honey

Allied | Acacia Honey

The beauty of Acacia Honey lies in its mild, sweet floral flavour and is, therefore, one of the most popular honey varieties. With hints of vanilla flavour, Acacia honey is very pale and if it hasn’t been mixed with other floral sources, it will look like liquid glass. It is savoured with many beverages as it sweetens without changing the taste of the drink and also used extensively for cooking purposes because of its mild flavor and easily mixing properties with liquid and batter.

Sidr Honey

Allied | Sidr Honey

Given as a gift to the Kings and Queens in ancient time, Sidr honey is sourced from the nectar of Sidr trees, one of the oldest trees mentioned in the Holy Quran. Sidr honey been known for its healing benefits and is characterized by golden light colour. Considered as one of the finest, Sidr honey possesses an exquisite taste, splendid aroma and all of the above is the most expensive honey variety.

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